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What's our mission?

To work hand in hand with dental professionals to educate patients about the role of sugarfree gum in their everyday oral care routine.

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Enjoyed by millions of people around the globe, chewing sugarfree gum can help protect teeth in a number of ways. Explain the role of chewing sugarfree gum and the oral care benefits to your patients by downloading our easy to use materials, endorsed by dental professionals across the globe.

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Healthier Smiles Community Service Grants

The Healthier Smiles Community Service Grants are awarded annually to help dental professionals implement grassroots programs to improve access to oral care and oral education to communities across Australia.

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Time to Shine

Our new campaign, ‘Time to Shine’™, is all about reinforcing the role that EXTRA® plays in giving you a boost of confidence in every day moments. With clean teeth & a fresh mouth, you have the readiness to be at your best and have your ‘Time to Shine’™.

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Professional Development

Have you met your legal requirements for verifiable CPD? Take a look at our online modules to find out more.

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